What are the Omega Archives?

Evil is growing and permeating our world. This horror is attacking us through culture wars, the Culling, and demonic occult activity. "They" seek to destroy family, independence, health, privacy, religion, and free-will. They seek a global depopulation event where transhuman elite rule.  The darkness is coming and we want you prepared to resist and protect your family.

The Omega Archives are a collection of news stories, articles, images, and video/blogs that inform and educate you on the on-going attacks so you can be prepared. Some of the ares we will discuss and cover are:

1) Depopulation Plan

2) Attacks on religion

3) Attacks on our rights

4) Attacks against family

5) Technology

6) Privacy

7) Health Soft Kill attacks

8) Transhuman elite plans

9) Occult influences

10) Culture Wars


-Bella Blackstone